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3D Movies Are Dangerous!

My wife and I went to see the new Superman movie a few weeks back and our only option was to watch it in 3D.  It was an okay movie but it reminded me that 3D is okay in real life but not so much in make believe.  Here’s why:


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A big part of your brain is made up by your sensory cortex.  This is the part of your brain that literally creates your reality from all the sensory input in your life.  There are three parts to your sensory cortex; the temporal lobe for hearing, occipital lobe for vision, and the parietal lobe from your body.  Those three sections are collectively called the PTO and by far the biggest part of the PTO is the PARIETAL lobe.  It’s the biggest because it should have the greatest amount of input.


Now here’s the problem.  If you are sitting on your butt watching a movie, you are effectively only getting input to the temporal lobe (hearing) and the occipital lobe (vision) while the big PARIETAL lobe lays neglected.  Watching a 3D movie exacerbates that imbalance in your PTO even more with the end result being that your reality is literally altered.


The fall-out is even worse than that.  This is because your parietal lobe stimulates your frontal lobe and your frontal lobe is where your personality lives.  The cascade then, flows like this; sparse input to your parietal lobe alters your reality which then alters your personality (frontal lobe).  You’ve heard reports of increased violence in kids who play too many video games?  This is the reason.


None of us, and especially children under 18 should watch 3D movies.  And all of us would benefit from keeping our screen time to under 1 hour a week.


Kind of makes you want to get out and move around doesn’t it?


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