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A Drug Reminder

Taking muscle relaxants for back pain is not a good idea. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve seen a number of people lately who have been taking them thinking that they are helping. They don’t; they harm.

Photo courtesy of stevepb

Photo courtesy of stevepb

Back pain is not caused by muscles spasm. The sharp pain you feel is from the joints, either the disc or the facet joint, not the muscle. Because the pain doesn’t come from muscle spasm, there is no need to relax the muscle. Not only is it not necessary, but it causes harm.

If you have acute back pain, you have an injured joint. An injured joint needs to be protected. Muscles protect the joints. They need to be strong, alert and active. Don’t dope them up, they can’t do their job.

What should you do with back pain? Fix the cause! Ask me how.

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