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A Few Low-Carb Links

For those of you wanting more information on the low carbohydrate diet, here are a few links you might want to investigate. The first is to a website from a young med student who became interested in nutrition and was convinced from the research that a low carb diet is the way to go. Here’s his website,

Photo courtesy of Wikiwlh

Photo courtesy of Wikiwlh 

The next link is to a video interview ( of Dr. Stephen Phinney who discusses how to make a low carb diet a sustainable practice. He also wrote a book “The art and science of low carbohydrate living” along the same lines that could be a valuable resource.

For those of you who are athletes, especially of the endurance variety, you may want to watch this interview of Dr. Attia ( as he discusses his personal experimentation on a low carb diet and athletic performance. As you’ll hear in the interview, he once fasted for 24 hours and then went on a 6 hour bike ride. Because his body now preferentially burns fat for fuel, he had no problems! Even though he was a high performance athlete he was 40 pounds overweight thanks to a high carb diet.

I hope you find these few resources interesting and helpful. If you’ve found any of your own, please share.

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