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A Formula for Transformation

How many of us are frustrated with our inability to change in any meaningful way? I’ve been reading an author by the name of Dallas Willard lately and, though his focus has been primarily on spiritual matters, he has observed a simple formula that is effective for change. I’d like to share that with you.

He calls it the VIM formula where “V” stands for vision, “I” is intention and “M” is means. Let me explain. Vision means that you can clearly see the good that the change will do for you. You saturate your thoughts in the rightness of the change and imagine what life will be like when you begin to live that way. You become fully convinced in your mind that this change is important and what you really want. This is the most important part of the whole process, for if you fail to fully embrace the vision you will never want it bad enough to do the work. Practically speaking, you would be well advised to spend time understanding what it is you want to achieve. Read books, talk to people, study, do whatever is necessary to deeply understand that this change is indeed very good.

Photo courtesy of Chantal

Photo courtesy of Chantal

Once you become convinced of this, you now then need to actually intend to do it, that’s the “I”. You decide to make the change. You don’t know how to do it yet but you do know that you have decided to find out and follow through. You become determined, through failures and set backs to have the success you seek. Nothing will stop you. It’s like setting out on a vacation to the coast. You intend to get to the coast to enjoy a couple weeks of rest. You will get there. Weather delays, road closures, car troubles, nothing will stop you from arriving. Why? Because you have the vision of a great holiday and you actually intend to get there.

The last step is really the simplest; it’s the “means”. You merely need to find a way to make the change. Now, there are plenty of ‘ways’ available perhaps. Some may be suited to you and some may not but it doesn’t really matter. You start where it seems best and begin. If you succeed, great! If not, you try another means. All the while you are learning and making progress toward the vision for your life that you intend to achieve.

This formula will work as well at improving your golf game as it will your marriage or your health.

So, what would you like to change?

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