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A Good Fly Shop

I recently went on a fishing trip to Montana and enjoyed some good times with a couple of my boys and some friends.  We frequented a fly shop down there which was clearly excellent at a few things.  They knew what was going on with the river and with the fish and wrote a daily blog to keep us updated.  They had a cool fly shop well stocked with the necessities of the fly-fishing life including some innovative products that are hard to find anywhere else.  They also clearly had a lot of fun doing all this!  They didn’t copy any of the other shops and were really good at and focused on the things they knew to be important.


I appreciated that because that is exactly what we try do here.  You can be the judge of how well we pull it off.

There is nothing more important to spinal health than a properly functioning spine and the best way to accomplish that is with great adjustments.  When you need an adjustment, after all, nothing else will work and you want a great one.

When you add exercise to the adjustments you’ve really got a winning combination.  We’ve found that your daily exercise should be very effective, simple and easy to do.  And when you have a more complex problem, you need to have more sophisticated exercise options available.  That’s why we developed our spinal fitness lab.

And finally, our third focus is diet.  I’ve long searched for the healthiest way to eat that is both sustainable and consistent with nutritional science.  As is typical of these things, what is true and best doesn’t match convention so you won’t find us following the national food guide!

That’s our chiropractic version of the Montana Fly shop.  Let us know how we can make your time on the River of Life a great experience.  

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