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A Late Season Trip

Photo courtesy of Roxnstix


Do we ever get to do enough of what we love? Probably not. I love to fish, fly fish more precisely, and I certainly am always left wanting more. Several days ago I was able to arrange for some time on the water. I ended up going alone, dressed warm and had a very good time. It wasn’t a particularly nice weather day, so I had the river to myself, except for the fish that is.


For fly fisherman, one of the most fun things is to catch big fish eating small flies off the surface of the water. It’s called dry fly fishing and is exciting because you can actually see the fish take your fly. Well, I found some big fish doing just that. They weren’t easy to fool at the beginning but I eventually discovered a fly that worked and a presentation that fooled them. The result was the most fun I’d had all season.


We all need a chance to rejuvenate and restore ourselves and most of us don’t pursue it regularly enough. We let the responsibilities and urgency of life rob us of something essential, ourselves. To that end, here are four ideas to help you live in a more balanced way.


  1.  Plan fun stuff – These things don’t just happen, unlike life which often seems to happen to us, you’ve got to put some energy into your recreation. Though it often seems daunting and not worth the effort, your life will grow on the fertilizer that fun provides.
  2. Involve others – Though no-one was able to fish with me, many of our best moments as a family have happened in doing things like this together. Memories like this can happen in no other way.
  3. Don’t wait – If you listen to the whispers of your need for a break, you won’t have to hear the shouts of a breakdown! Just as winter holidays can ease the trials of a long cold winter, departures from the mundane will lift your spirits. Do it now!
  4. Don’t over do it – Have the wisdom to show restraint. Too much indulgence will certainly lead to resentment from your family and perhaps eventually even rob you of the fun you seek. You want these times to be restoring not escaping. Keep alert to that tendency.



I’d love to hear about some of the things you love to do that re-charges you.

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