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An Experiment in Eating

I am doing an eating experiment.  Care to join me?  A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog on the ketogenic mediterranean diet, and then watched a movie on Youtube called “Fathead”.  If you’re having trouble with food, feeling guilty about what you eat, weigh more than you think you should, or have low energy, you might want to spend an hour and forty four minutes watching the movie.  It might change your relationship with food in a good way.


Photo courtesy of powerplantop

I didn’t start eating at fast food restaurants like in the movie but the light went on about the dangers of a high carbohydrate diet and I have dramatically reduced how many I eat.  The basic problem is that too many carbs will cause inflammation which can lead to anything from arthritis to heart disease.  Too many carbs also cause dysfunction in your fat metabolism which will make you fat and tired.


As in most things, if you eat the way humans were designed to eat, your body will work better.  That means more fat, fewer carbs, and a moderate amount of protein.  By the way a high fat diet and cholesterol causing heart disease is a big fat myth.  Check it out for yourself, here are a few books you might want to read: “Good Calories, Bad Calories; Cholesterol Myths; Heart Revolution; and The Great Cholesterol Con.


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