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Are you Accidentally Careless with your Health?

How carefully would you manage your money if you knew that if you ever got in trouble you could always dig into a deep trust fund to make up the difference? It would be harder to be really strict if you weren’t absolutely certain that the final responsibility was yours wouldn’t it?watch

I wonder if we fall into that kind of trap when it comes to our health. I suspect that many of us think that there is the ‘silver bullet’ of modern medicine to save us if we ever overdraw our health account. As a result, we might become a little careless in how we live. We don’t fully realize until it’s too late that there really is no safety net when our lifestyle choices catch up with us. For sure, medicine has some heroic measures to prolong our lives but there’s not much to be done to restore quality of life once it’s been lost.

The responsibility for our health lies with each of us. Either we guard our health well or we don’t, there’s no-one or nothing that can save us if we should venture too far down the wrong road. That’s not to say that time and chance can’t happen to any of us and that everything that goes wrong with our health is our fault. But it is to alert you to the potential danger of unconsciously relying on something that just isn’t there.

How much faith do you put in modern medicine?

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  1. Amanda says
    Jan 19, 2015 at 9:20 AM

    Wow, hadn't thought of it this way. I think my health "trust fund" is probably thinking that if I make changes in the future, that will be enough. Thanks for posting.

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