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Be Clear About What You Want

I’m sure you have some idea about what you want. You should ask for it; clearly.


The chiropractic profession is full of really caring people. We routinely spend entire weekends learning better ways to help you. We think nothing of coming in on off hours to help. We write letters for no charge just because we really want to help. The trouble is, we sometimes want to help too much. We know the trouble that’s in store for you if you don’t get things corrected and we don’t want that for you.


The real issue is what you want. If you get the impression that we are offering something that you’re not interested in, there’s much room to misinterpret motives, particularly when money is involved. If you say what you want, every good professional will try and give it to you as long as it’s possible and doesn’t compromise your safety or health.


Now here’s a mistake people sometimes make. In attempt to please the doctor, they’ll agree to something that they don’t really want. Let me assure you this is not a good idea. Why not be upfront about what you’re after and agree on how to achieve that? You’ll be happy because there’s a plan in place to get you where you want to go and the good doctor will be happy because he’s helping you get what you want and he’s got a committed partner (you) to help achieve the desired outcome.


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When have you ever agreed to something you regretted?


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