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Be Demanding, not Impatient

One of the biggest challenges of getting well is being patient enough to let it happen. Your body is smart, it wants to get well and it knows how to do it. You can trust your body. After all, you’ve seen it recover from countless colds and bugs, scrapes and bruises. It’s healed before and it will do it again.

One of the big problems that I’ve observed is that people are becoming less and less patient with others and themselves. The reality of our natural

Photo courtesy of becosky...

Photo courtesy of becosky…

design is that healing takes time. There’s no way around that. It took time for you to get sick and it will take time for you to get well. You may even be tempted to break off whatever you are doing to help you heal if the results aren’t coming fast enough for your liking. Don’t do it, especially if you observe the following signs:

1. A change in your symptoms. You may hurt just as bad, for example, but perhaps it doesn’t last as long or show up as quickly. That’s progress.
2. Improved function. Can you walk further or have more mobility. Again, even if your pain hasn’t changed much, these are signs of you getting better.
3. Better sleep, better moods, and being more relaxed are also indicators of improvement.
4. Vital signs are normalizing. As you heal, your blood pressure will improve, your oxygen saturation will increase and other similar changes will be noticeable.

So be careful as you judge your progress that you don’t evaluate just one aspect of your problem. You are complex and your problems can be too. Pain is often not the first thing to change.

For goodness sake, don’t continue with something that isn’t working but make sure you evaluate your progress with a view that encompasses the whole picture.

What might be some consequences of quitting an effective program of care prematurely?

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