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Bored With Life?

Are you in the doldrums lately? Have you lost a little of your zip and enthusiasm for life? If life seems to be a bit of a struggle and one day seems like the next and even getting out of bed in the morning feels like a worthy accomplishment, you may have lost a bit of focus. You perhaps remember how energizing it can be to have a compelling goal. Having a purpose for your life that transcends the day to day drudgery will lift you above the monotony and give purpose even to the drudgery.

Photo Courtesy of John Morgan

Photo Courtesy of John Morgan

You may want to spend some time exercising the right side of your brain thinking about your purpose in life or the legacy you’d like to leave. Pondering the big picture of “why” can work wonders at marshaling your resources for a more energetic response to life.

So, if you could do anything, what would that be?

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