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Calcium and Chronic Pain


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Calcium supplementation is a very common yet frequently overlooked cause of chronic pain.  Stop reading right now and go have someone squeeze your Achilles tendons.  Really, go do it.  Did it hurt?


If you’re taking calcium supplements, and your nervous system is chronically in fight or flight mode, you will have a difficult time excreting excess calcium.  Your body will deposit the calcium in soft tissue like your tendons and muscles.  That hurts!  So, if your Achilles tendon was sore, it’s likely because of calcium deposition.  Much of the chronic pain that people, especially women, have is because of excess calcium being deposited in their soft tissue.


What you need to know then, is whether or not you are in stress mode (chronic fight or flight), and that is easy to ascertain with a brief exam.  Also, is your body depositing calcium in your soft tissue.  The Achilles squeeze test will give you the quick answer to that.


Magnesium supplementation will help reverse much of the damaging effects of excess calcium, by the way.


So tell me, did your Achilles tendons hurt when they were squeezed?


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