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Can Your Bones Go Out of Place?

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Have you ever eaten a really tough piece of meat?  It didn’t cut well, you had to chew and chew and chew and still not get it down.  That’s you!  Your bones, tissues, ligaments and muscles are so tough that you couldn’t pull things apart without a sharp knife and a team of horses.  So can bones go out of place? No, not really.  That’s just a simple explanation for a complex phenomenon.


It’s much more accurate to say that your joints aren’t moving properly, or what a chiropractor would call a subluxation.  They can move either too much or too little and both are problematic.  The ligaments around these dysfunctional joints get too loose or too fibrotic and restricted.  The same things happen to the muscles; they get dysfunctional too.  Worst of all, the joint receptors and other nerve endings in and around the joint misfire, in a sense, sending faulty information to your brain.  All of this happens and continues long before you even start to hurt.  Pain is simply the last thing to show up.


The benefit to understanding this is to avoid disappointment.  If you think you’ve simply got a bone out of place, one adjustment should fix the problem right?  Why does it take longer to feel better?  Now you know.


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