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Canola Pictures

We have a wall in our house dedicated to great pictures from fun times. I thought it would be much better to have those memories on full display instead of hidden away in a photo album somewhere. We have fishing pictures, photos from holidays, grandparents that have passed on and anything else that is worth remembering. Each photo triggers a hundred other good memories around the times that are shown.

Conola pic 1

Among my favourite pictures are the “canola” pictures. When the boys were little I got the idea that it would be good to take a picture of them in a canola field. So just about every year since that first one, we’ve done that little tradition. I expect we’ll have to stop that soon as they grow up and move on but it’s made for a nice record for us to look back on.

conola pic 2

I was looking at them the other day and I noticed that on five of the pictures (not even in consecutive years), my second son Paul was wearing the same shirt! I’m not sure if he wore that shirt every day or if it was just a favorite shirt that happened to show up a lot. Anyway, a t-shirt that hangs around for that long must have been a good one!

What do you do to keep the good things in your life in plain view?

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