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Check Your Thumbs

Photo courtesy of  Daniel Schwen

Photo courtesy of Daniel Schwen

I want you to check the posture of your thumbs. You didn’t know your thumbs even had a posture did you? Hold your hands out in front of you and spread your fingers apart and observe what they look like. Do your thumbs come straight out or do they bend back very noticeably? Straight is how they should be; arched markedly back is an early sign of decreasing brain function.

Let me explain. Good posture means that your brain is working well and that there is good tone of your extensor muscles. This extends all the way to your hands where early signs of postural deficiency tends to show up first. Arching of your thumb is a sign of weakness of the extensor muscles of your hands and it follows then that there is corresponding brain weakness.

They are linked together in your brain because fine motor control with your hands developed at about the same time as language. Do you occasionally have trouble finding the right words? Is your cognitive sharpness not quite as sharp? Is your memory failing just a little bit?  Here’s the cool part. Exercise your hands with hand grips or finger dexterity exercises and you are also exercising these weak parts of your brain. As you regain hand function, you will also regain brain function. But do it now before things deteriorate to the point where you don’t want to do it.

Well, what do your thumbs look like?

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