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Close is Good Enough


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I had a discussion with a patient the other day about a talk she attended regarding nutrition, health and hormones.  Although she really enjoyed the lecture, she left feeling overwhelmed with all the changes she felt she needed to make to get healthier.  She had a sense that she needed to do everything precisely correct to achieve a significant shift in her health.  That’s simply not true.


Your body happily and easily maintains something called homeostasis.  This is basically a state of balance in your body’s chemistry and systems.  In spite of the outside environment or the food you ingest your body has target levels it works hard to maintain.  It is astonishing how well your body can do that.  This is one of the reasons why blood tests aren’t very sensitive.  For most things, there will be a lot wrong before blood levels change.


My point is that if you shift your lifestyle habits within a certain wide range, your body will do the rest.  It works sort of like a guided missile.  If you can get close to the target, your body will lock on and do the rest.  The anxiety about trying to be perfect and the lack of faith in your body’s ability to adapt and heal causes much more significant trouble than your imperfect lifestyle.


Do you trust your body’s ability to heal itself?


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