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Dark and Light


Photo Courtesy of graynaturalhair

I was 12 years old when I had to get glasses. I remember being so surprised at how well I could see with them because until I put them on, I didn’t realize I wasn’t seeing all that I should. In the same way many patients report at their re-exam, that they are feeling quite a bit better than they did even prior to the injury that caused them to seek my help. Apparently they had been putting up with a degree of ill health they didn’t have to and it was only the increasing pain of a bigger injury that prompted them to action. And the action they took to find relief actually improved much more than just their initial complaint.

This illustrates the “dark/light” principle of life. A candle is best seen in a dark room, for example. Health and life and the path to them are often times best seen under the gloom of illness. I mean that in regard to more than merely the physical realm. If we could view all of our troubles in an intelligent and thoughtful way might we be more quickly lead into the light of health and wholeness by beginning to see the ways that the habits and lifestyles we adopt hurt us and those around us.

In what ways have trials and troubles brought you to a better place than you otherwise were headed?

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