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Do the Opposite

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Here’s some straight forward advice to improve your health.  Do the opposite of everything you see going on now in our culture.  If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, you might remember how George turned his life around by doing the opposite of every impulse and natural instinct he had.  You can do the same with your health!  Here are some examples.


When you see drug ads, listen to the side effects and the do the opposite of what they want you to do, don’t take them.

When you see ads for cool electronics that encourage a sedentary lifestyle, shun them and stay active.

Don’t be tempted to join a fitness boot camp; that simply increases your neurological stress.  Remember, you can be fit but not healthy. Instead, engage in long duration lower intensity physical activity.

Eat real food, not processed junk.  Eat a homemade meal at home with your family that you prepared together rather than eating out.

Slow down and accomplish less and live a richer slower paced life.

Put off gratification now for the reward later.


Consider what you do and consciously decide if it’s good for you.  Don’t go with the flow, do the opposite.


What is your biggest temptation to short circuit your attempts to be healthy?


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