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Do You Chew?

You are probably concerned about your nutrition and maybe even know that you could be eating better.  Perhaps you’ve even taken to drinking green smoothies, juicing, or having protein shakes.  Good for you to make that effort!  But MAKE SURE YOU CHEW YOUR FOOD!


Photo courtesy of Phae


When you consider practices to enhance your health, you must keep in mind your natural design.  For example, you have teeth, therefore you should chew.  Chewing activates your digestive juices so that when the food arrives in your stomach, it can be digested.  If you drink your food, there’s no digestive activation, digestion is far less efficient and you won’t get your money’s worth from that smoothie.  If you must drink a meal once in a while, be sure to at least chew a couple carrots before hand.


How often do you drink your meal?


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