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Do you plan for Rest?

In these times, it seems almost a sin to have nothing to do. As a result, we are always busy and often too busy. Without enough rest your body will eventually break down. You may find that you get to the point where a two week holiday doesn’t seem enough to make up the difference. So what’s the answer to fatigue and burn-out? Plan for rest.Relax 1

Each day, even your busiest days, should have at least a little bit of planned down time. Perhaps you could take your lunch alone, push away from your desk and sit still for ten minutes after you’ve eaten. If you intend to do it, you can find a way to make it happen.

Your week should also have a regularly scheduled time of rest, preferably an entire day. The irony is that setting aside a day where you do no work will actually help you be that much more productive for the week ahead.

The consequences of living without regular periods of rejuvenation are high. Time to rest is not a luxury but a necessity and if you don’t do it you will pay the price sometime down the road. Socrates gave us this warning, “Beware of the barrenness of a busy life.”

What do you find is the biggest challenge in getting enough real rest?

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