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Do You Want to be Healthier?

Would you like to be healthier? I’m going to tell you something obvious; it won’t happen by itself! Hoping to get healthier or wishing things would be different won’t make it so. You’ll have to actually do something different to make that come about.

Photo courtesy of  dragonofbrainstorms

Photo courtesy of dragonofbrainstorms

But be careful what you choose. Make sure that it’s something that you can, in fact do. Don’t pick something that you are not able to do. If you need to change how you eat for example, don’t be heroic. Start with something you can stick to and build on it. If you need to get more active, choose an activity that you can sustain. And if you happen to fail at any of these changes, evaluate what happened, make a change and try again. The worst mistake is not going on.

Realize also, that you can’t do this, get healthier that is, by trying harder. That’s a great and harmful misconception. Trying harder won’t do it. You have to stop doing some things and start doing others. Think of it more as training. When you train, you start with something manageable and move on from there. We can all train. Proper training can take anyone from where-ever they happen to be to just about anywhere they want to go.

So what’s your vision for your health, what do you need to train on?

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