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Does Everyone get the Same Care?

Because we work in an open adjusting area, some have observed that the care seems similar from one person to the next. The question then is, does everyone get the same adjustments. This is actually an important question to answer because it speaks to the personalization of care. In other words, “Do you do what you do, or what I specifically need?”

If you’ve ever eaten out you may have observed that a similar ritual happens at each table. You are greeted, seated and offered a drink. Eventually your order is taken and food is delivered. To the casual observer, it looks like everyone get the same treatment. But if you look more closely, you soon discover that each meal is prepared to the preferences of the individual diner. It’s similar with us.Equal

Our aim is to establish systems and procedures that allow us to listen to your concerns and problems and accurately determine what your needs are. That’s one of the parts of your experience here that should look the same. The specific care you receive can also look the same on the surface, just like the server seems to bring the same kind of plate to each person. But if you look more closely, you’ll see differences. Differences may be in the level of the spine adjusted, amplitude and force, which side, and a multitude of other subtle factors.

Other differences in care relate to your prescribed home exercises as these are also tailored to your specific weaknesses.

Having said all that, there is one very obvious factor I need to mention. While all of us are unique, we are all similar too. Because of our common design, we tend to develop problems in the same areas. As a consequence, your care would be the same. But that’s not a problem because that’s what you happen to need!

So does everyone get the same care. Hopefully, yes, everyone gets the same level of care in regard to excellence! But no, everyone gets the specific kind of care that they need and choose.

If you’ve ever wondered about this, I hope this helps.

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