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Don't Be a Hero

If you were to have a heart attack, I suspect that you’d allow yourself at least a week or so to recover; likely more.  The consequences of not would be obviously severe.  I’d like to suggest that the same should apply to your spine on certain occasions.


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The general rule for a fast recovery from “putting your back out” is to keep active and moving.  While that’s very true, you can over do it.  Specifically, bending, lifting, twisting and sitting can dramatically slow your recovery down or worse.  I know that you need to work and I appreciate your determination to carry on but if you can’t put your own socks on or sit for 5 minutes without increasing pain, or you work at a job that aggravates your pain, you need to stay home.  My grave concern is that by not taking a rest when you need it, you risk this pain becoming the rest of your life.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.


When I was the trainer for the PeeWee AA’s, I told the kids that it was better to miss a few games than an entire season.  I know you’ll miss the money and work will miss you but in the big picture of your entire life, it’s not really that much time or money.  Give it some thought….


When was the last time you went to work when you knew that you’d have been better off at home?


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