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Don't be too Hasty

If you were to guess one of the biggest contributors to ill health and unhappiness in life, what would that be?  Perhaps you thought of stress in whatever form that means for you.  I would agree and I would suggest that being too busy and doing everything in a hurry is a big factor.  You are far more important than anything you do!  What would it take for you to quit doing so many things that are harmful to you and your health, to just slow down?

I heard a story of a man who was quite miserable and stressed out with life.  He was going through a divorce, his job was on the line, he had to move and find and new apartment and the weather was cold and stormy as he went to visit his friend.  They were talking in his friend’s living room with a warm cup of tea and his friend asked him how he was. 

Photo courtesy of Alice Barigelli

Photo courtesy of Alice Barigelli

He replied that he was terrible.  His friend asked him if was unhappy with the tea, or was uncomfortable on the couch or didn’t particularly enjoy his company.  He denied all those things. 

So the truth was that, at that moment, things were quite pleasant and enjoyable.  If you think about it, there are really very few moments that aren’t pleasant. 

If we begin to practice the discipline of being in the moment, we may find that our perception of the level of stress in our lives would drop considerably.

 If you could quit one thing that causes you to be too busy, what would that be?

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