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Drugs Don't Heal

There has never been a drug that has ever healed anything. The only healing that ever takes place happens because of your body. Your body is always the source of your healing. Drugs:

Kill – bacteria; both dangerous and friendly
Weaken – muscles that need to be strong
Manipulate – hormones and body chemistry
Mask – symptoms and pain that serve as warning signals
Tranquilize – your brain and shift your brain chemistry

Photo Courtesy of Wendy

Photo Courtesy of Wendy

That’s not to say that drugs are inherently evil. They certainly serve a purpose in a crises and have saved many lives. But it is also true that drugs are the third leading cause of preventable death in North America and the use of drugs is highly inappropriate at least 50% of the time.

My point in telling you this is to warn you to be judicious in what you take. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to change the circumstances of your health and give your body a chance to heal? You do have options.

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