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Eat Breakfast!

There is one crucial reason to eat breakfast, it will lower your stress.  I’ll explain quickly in case you’re reading this when you should be eating breakfast!


Between your last bit of food, which hopefully was before 6pm the night before, and the morning, your blood sugar will naturally try to fall.  To prevent this from happening and avoid seizures, your body releases a stress hormone, cortisol, that triggers the release of sugar into your blood stream to keep your sugars stable.  When you eat breakfast, the cortisol becomes unnecessary and drops down to normal levels.  If you don’t eat breakfast, your cortisol stays abnormally high.  Over time, high cortisol levels will basically make you older and sicker before your time.


Photo courtesy of Elle_Ann


So if you don’t eat breakfast now make a start.  Do a little planning to find a low sugar, high protein meal to start your day.  In 20 years, you’ll be happy you did.  It has a bigger effect than you’d imagine.


What’s your favorite breakfast?


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