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Everyday Drug Abuse!

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I just read a recent study about “Prescribing Trends: The Harsh Reality” and it really made me angry.  The drug consuming public is being thoroughly fleeced!  Get this, since 1990, spending on prescription drugs has risen almost 6-fold!  Is this because disease is being cured by new expensive miracle drugs?  Hardly!  Read on.


The diagnostic thresholds have been changed to corral more people into the group “needing” the drugs.  For example.  In 1998 the fasting plasma sugar level that defined a person as diabetic was lowered from 140 to 126.  This resulted in 10.3 million more people being labelled as diabetic.  In 1993, the definition for high blood pressure was dropped from 160/95 to 140/90 which increased the market for anti-hypertensive drugs by 22 million.


The end result is that 89% of the people participating in the study report taking multiple medications with more than half taking 5 or more different drugs.


The authors of the study concluded that people or organizations who could benefit from guideline changes should not be involved in writing the guidelines.  They also advised that medical doctors should not see drug company representatives.


How mad does that make you?  The take away is that you should always question the need for the drugs you’re being offered and strongly seek all other alternatives to this prescribing insanity.


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  1. Raelene says
    Mar 28, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    I couldn't agree more Dr. lees! My doctor has been trying to convince me that I am depressed and full of anxieties for 12 years!! He completely ignores the actual reason I am in to see him and will ALWAYS bring up the word stress at every appointment. My stress levels are normal as are my anxiety levels. I honestly believe that he is getting some form of kick back from pharmaceutical companies. Of course he has not been successful at convincing me to take any medication. And I AM happy! Lol

    • Dr. Ryan Lees says
      Mar 28, 2013 at 1:57 PM

      Good for you to have that kind of resolve. Your health depends upon it!

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