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You really wouldn’t need to exercise if you lived an active life.  The challenge of today is that we sit too much and our spines and bodies get weak as a result.  The exercise we tend to do at the gym might make us fit but that doesn’t really make us healthy.  In order to be healthy, you need to exercise in a certain way.
  1. Long duration and low intensity is best – Studies show that those who live the longest and have the highest quality of life are those that are continually active at low intensity activity like walking, gardening, hiking and playing.  Boot camps don’t cut it for health.
    Photo courtesy of Gareth Williams

    Photo courtesy of Gareth Williams

  2. The Exercises for Life you were given help to counter postural stresses and improve your response to your adjustments.
  3. The real purpose of exercise is to activate and stimulate your brain.  All other benefits are secondary, including the cardiovascular benefits.  You know that post exercise buzz you enjoy?  That’s brain stimulation.
  4. Exercise with a buddy.  Life was meant to be lived together, you benefit more with a friend beside you.
  5. It takes on average, sixty six days to ingrain a new habit and that’s if you are only trying to change one thing.  Be persistent and give yourself time.
  6. Exercise does not help you lose weight.  It activates your brain and makes you hungry.  Think of this, a 250 lb man would have to walk ten flights of stairs to burn the calories in one slice of bread.  If you want to lose weight, you need to change your insulin levels.  If you’re interested, ask me how.  

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