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Facts about Lower Back Pain

I recently read a unique definition of reality which said that reality is what you can count on. I further read the definition of pain, which is what happens when you bump into reality. That is certainly true with regard to lower back pain specifically. The reality of our existence is that life is hard on our backs, especially the way we live it. With that in mind, I thought you might be interested in these facts of reality.

Photo Courtesy of Lparis22

Photo Courtesy of Lparis22

– The discs not muscles are the most pain sensitive structures in the lower back.
– Surgery for disc herniation and sciatica is only 49-58% successful one year later.
– Damaged disc can appear normal in an MRI.
– It takes 3-4 times longer to decompress a disc than to compress it.
– Compression of a disc causes nutritional deficiency to the disc.
– High triglycerides and cholesterol are linked to increased likelihood of disc herniation.
– Poor posture in the lower back is linked to acid reflux.
– Glucosamine sulfate does NOT slow disc degeneration
– If you see a chiropractor for a disc herniation your chance for surgery is 1.5% compared to 42.7% if you see a surgeon.

Lower back pain can be a difficult problem to deal with. Many consider surgery to be the ultimate approach that will resolve everything. Many are also lead to believe that muscle spasm is the cause of most lower back pain. As you just read, these are inaccurate ideas. If you consider them to be true, however, and act accordingly, you will increase your pain and suffering. Again, see the definition of pain!

Did any of these facts surprise you?

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