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Follow the Example of the Motorcycle Shops

I did what some would call a foolish thing a couple months ago.  I took a motorcycle course with my son.  I did it primarily to know what he was getting into but I also must confess a long held secret desire to ride myself.  You can guess what that led to; yes, I bought a motorcycle.  The first bike I bought was a senior citizen and it expired within a thousand kilometers of coming to live with me.  That is what led me to explore the local motorcycle shops.  Besides having a bunch of cool bikes, I noticed that every single store bucks the shopping trend and keeps its doors closed on Sundays and sometimes even Mondays.  Great idea!


Resting is a much overlooked health habit.  I don’t mean sleeping, although that’s important, but actual rest and recreation.  Do you remember the days when you couldn’t even buy gas on Sunday?  It was set aside as a day of rest, a break from the rush, an interruption of the madness.  And we need that more than ever in our hectic world.  It takes a certain courage and a bit of a rebel heart to go against the flow, to leave money on the table, to do the opposite.


Maybe you’ve lived long enough to know that this life is full of troubles.  Restful times of fun and laughter help get you through.  There’s a certain wisdom to it.  Work hard of course, always give your best, put everything you’ve got into your life but in doing all of that, make sure that you take time to regularly sharpen your sword.


By the way, why do you think the bike shops close on Sunday?  So they can go riding after church of course!!


What you do think, should I buy the bike?


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  1. DocLees#1fan says
    Nov 16, 2013 at 9:56 AM

    I hope it's already in your garage!

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