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Fooled by a Winter Storm

Photo courtesy of edebell


I thought spring was here, or at least very close, and then it snowed.  It snowed and snowed until all traces of spring was covered by that unwelcome white shroud.  I guess winter is here to stay.  IT’S A LIE!  Spring is coming, that’s the reality.  It’s true that winter won’t give up easily but it’s equally true that spring won’t be denied.


How easy it is to get discouraged in the same way while we’re trying to heal.  Things seem to be improving, you’re more mobile, sleeping better, seeing good changes and all of a sudden the “winter storm” hits.  You feel no different than you did at the beginning.  At this point it’s easy to give in to discouragement and to believe that you’re never going to get better.  IT’S A LIE!  You will get better, “spring is coming”.  Setbacks, like late winter storms, are inevitable but temporary.


The biggest mistake is giving up.


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