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Growing Pains

Photo courtesy of E. Chernikoff


There is no such thing as a growing pain.  Growing doesn’t hurt!  While that is certainly true, it’s also true that kids who are growing hurt sometimes.  There’s always a reason for it and growing isn’t one of them.


In my experience, ‘growing pains’ have three causes.  The most common reason is subluxations in the lower back or pelvis.  A subluxation is what happens when the spinal joints don’t move properly and is what chiropractors adjust or correct.  They are caused by accidents and falls, even simple ones like what happens as toddlers learn to walk.


Growing pains can also be related to food allergies.  I recall one little boy who was consistently wakened at night because of pain behind his knees.  These persisted even though his subluxations were corrected.  Food allergy testing by a reliable naturopath revealed allergies with milk and wheat.  The diet change fixed the ‘growing pains’.


I’ve also seen muscle imbalances contribute to ‘growing pains’.  The imbalance happens because not enough activity occurs between the muscles on the front and back of the legs.  This can simply be helped by more activity and supplementing that with daily jumping on a mini-trampoline.


There may be other causes of this sometimes mysterious malady but one should always investigate further.


Did you have ‘growing pains’ as a kid?


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