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Hail Damage

I was in the yard on the weekend pruning trees from the damage left over from last year’s devastating hail storm.  The damage was actually easier to see this spring because it was very clear which branches were dead and not bearing leaves.  It reminded me of chiropractic if you can imagine.

Here’s the chiropractic part.  Every dead branch I pruned had a large bruise in the bark and distal to that bruise, there was no life.  You might recall from high school biology that the life of the tree flows just under the bark.  The hail

Photo courtesy of Apple and Pear Australia Ltd

Photo courtesy of Apple and Pear Australia Ltd

stones damaged the bark so badly that the life the tree needed stopped at the bruise.  Your spine is like that.  When your bones are out of place or not moving properly (subluxation) they cause interference to your nervous system that disrupts the flow of life from your brain to your body.  Ill health is the result.

Thankfully, my approach to your subluxations are somewhat less drastic than with my trees.

Would you rather fix the cause of your problem or mask the symptoms?

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