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Hail Damage

We really got hammered hard by a hail storm a short while ago. That is the worst hail storm I’ve ever experienced. I heard of one ambitious fella who change out the damaged vents in his holiday trailer right after the first storm only to have them broken again as the next one rolled through a few hours later.

Photo courtesy of  Erin and Lance Willett

Photo courtesy of Erin and Lance Willett

I hope you didn’t get hit too badly but I suspect that if you live in Airdrie, you did not escape unscathed. I was riding through town shortly after the storm and was stopped at a light when I noticed something. The car beside me had hail damage on its hood. In fact, all the cars around me had hail damage, every last one of them. It occurred to me that people are like that.

All of us are beat up in some fashion or other. We have emotional scars, physical pain, or money trouble. We have contentious relationships or jobs we hate or kids we are worried about. This difference is that it doesn’t always show on the outside. But hidden or not, we can be sure that we all, every last one of us, has a story to tell, and pain is involved. In that sense, we are all alike. We are all wounded people trying to find our way through this often troublesome life. Perhaps if we were more aware of that, we would be kinder and more compassionate with one another.

It’s something to think about anyway.

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