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Happy New Year!

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This time of year I feel compelled do to two things.  I like to examine the year that was and survey the highs and lows and I find it helpful to look ahead and plan what might be.


In looking back over the year, I chiefly like to celebrate and relive the high points.  I tend to do this in the important areas of my life; my walk with God, my family, work, health, fun, and finances.  Because the dailiness of life tends to fog my progress, it often surprises me how far I’ve come.  It’s good to discover that I’ve actually gained some ground.


I do my planning after my review.  The reason is that the areas that I want to improve are always obvious to me afterwards.  I pick one or two areas and actually make a plan that I think I can follow.  Though it never hurts to write down everything I’d like to change, I’ve found it more helpful to keep my focus tight.  That being said, even when I write down goals and forget about them, more often than not, they somehow get accomplished too!


The best part of all of this is talking it over with my wife.  Her insights and perspective add richness and color to my black and white analysis and motivate me to continue the struggle with determination.


May the coming year be full of love, growth and health for you and your family.


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