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How Connected are You?

My wife comes from a small southern Alberta town and they do an interesting thing there.   I observe it just about every time we visit.  When someone dies, the funeral home delivers little cards to businesses who generally place them somewhere near the front till.  That way everyone knows who died and when the funeral will be.  Apparently it’s been going on forever.


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I have to say, I like that practice.  It somehow reminds me that I’m going to be dead soon.  I can say a little prayer asking for comfort for the family.  My wife sometimes knew the person and so a story or two is told.  I suspect it means much more for the members of the community.  They know when the funeral is and I guess they probably show up sometimes too.  Overall, it seems to me to be a token of connectedness.  The core folks of that town have lived their lives together and they eventually die together and want to share in grief and comfort of that as well.


I suspect, that on the whole, we are not as connected to one another as we could be, or as we used to be, or especially, perhaps, as we need to be.  It’s too bad, we probably miss a lot because of our relative isolation from each other.


How connected do you feel?


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  1. shirleyan rozniak says
    Aug 18, 2013 at 9:58 PM

    I think it's sad that we aren't as connected as we used to be. LIfe is too busy, places to go, laundry, work, taxi ing our children and grandchildren around, hurrying here and there and not taking the time to stop at our friends and neighbors homes for even 10 minutes, just to check in and say hi. So this is me checking in with you and saying hi, I will see you soon.

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