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How the #*%! Does that Work?


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Julie was in a car accident a couple years ago.  She wasn’t too bad immediately after the accident but her concussion caused progressive damage and has left her barely functioning.  As you can imagine, it’s affected her entire family.  Her children, especially, missed how she used to be.


When I first saw her, she walked and spoke like a drunk and was in terrific pain down both legs and into her left arm.  If she closed her eyes, she’d fall backwards like she’d been shot.  She didn’t have control of her left arm (she was left handed) or her left leg.  She hadn’t slept well in over two years and had very little appetite.  In short, she was in rough shape with no real hope for recovery.


She came to see us reluctantly but had her first glimmer of hope when I explained her problems.  She finally understood why she was suffering so much and that gave her much relief; she wasn’t crazy after all!  She was really excited after her first adjustment because the improvement was immediate, obvious and dramatic.  Here’s what happened.  I had her repeatedly touch her finger alternately to her nose and then my finger.  She couldn’t do it and tremored violently trying.  I then adjusted just her fingers, elbow and shoulder to remind her brain that she had a left arm and had her try again.  Success!  Though she still tremored, it was only half as bad and she was able to actually touch my finger.  Big smile.  Next, I gave her a light adjustment in the top bone of her neck and that re-established the connection between her arm and her brain.  As a result her movements were smooth and almost normal.  That’s how quickly a nervous system can respond.


As I mentioned, Julie had trouble moving her left hand.  Her fingers would literally get stuck and tremor when she tried.  To help this, I had her look at her left hand in a mirror as she tried to move her fingers.  Fooling her brain this way allowed her to move her fingers quite easily.  Boy was she surprised!  “How the #*%! does that work?” was her response.  Now, she is able to write again.


A few weeks ago, after an adjustment, she went home and slept well for the first time in two years.  In fact, she had to be woken up at 11 am and the next day she slept until 1pm.  Her appetite returned at the same time.  Her eyes are functioning better, she’s thinking much more clearly, no longer has trouble speaking, and is walking much better.  She has made more gains in the past 6 weeks than she thought possible and I have no doubt that she will regain her life.  More importantly, she now has that hope.


Gone are the days when a concussion can be left alone to recover.  Many don’t and active care is a necessity.


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