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How To Get The Best Care


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I read a book years ago called “Medicine on Trial” about the arrogance and corruption within the medical system.  In that book they cited a number of studies about what kind of patient gets the best care.  It turns out that the patients doctors tended to find disagreeable got the best care with the fewest mistakes.  Who were these patients?  They were the ones who demanded accountability and action and often asked “why?”. I suggest that you do the same no matter what health practitioner you consult.


Remember, you are hiring the doctor to help you with your problem, he’s your employee in a sense.  To that end, I have a few suggestions to help you get what you need.


  1. Understand your problem.  If the doctor doesn’t explain things in a way you understand, ask again.  It’s important.
  2. Understand the risks and benefits of your treatment.  You want to make an informed choice about what path to travel.
  3. Make sure your expectations are in line with reality.  I’m referring to how long it may take you to heal and how completely you might heal.
  4. Be the boss.  It’s your body after all.  The healthiest patients I see are the ones who take full responsibility for their own health.
  5. Speak up.  If things aren’t going the way you think they should or you’re not happy with your care, let your doctor know.  If you’ve got a good doctor, he’ll be happy you did.  He wants you to get better.


I understand that it can be intimidating to question someone in authority but every study shows that the patients who do get far and away the best care.  And the best doctors absolutely don’t mind.


Do you have any stories of times you’ve questioned your health practitioner?  What happened?


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