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How to Keep your House Clean While it's Burning Down

You can’t, nor would you want to. Your most urgent task would be to put out the fire wouldn’t it?

If you were doing something fundamentally harmful to your health that will inevitably lead to your demise, would there be any reason to fiddle around with anything other than correcting that one major fault? If what you were doing was known to be the number one cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer and dementia wouldn’t you immediately want to stop doing it?

Photo courtesy of Colin Kinnear

Photo courtesy of Colin Kinnea 

It’s not talked about in main stream media but there is overwhelming evidence that the degenerative conditions mentioned above are directly linked to one modifiable lifestyle choice. No-one will make much money off this habit but many have potential to lose billions. This one factor is simple to change but can radically alter your health destiny. Would you like to know what it is?

Quit eating too many carbohydrates!

Remember, I said it was simple; I didn’t say it was easy! It’s worth it though.

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