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I Have to Say, I'm Impressed

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I have the privilege of meeting and helping a wide range of people.  Each of you, it seems, has a story.  The bible says that “in this world you will have troubles” and that’s certainly what I’ve observed.  In spite of that trouble though, you keep on going.  Despite the varied and sometimes heavy challenges, you persevere in trying to make a great life for you and your family.  Some of the challenges are hidden in the daily routines of life while others jump out and hit you in the face.  Either way, you’re doing well.  I don’t know if anyone’s told you this lately so I will.  Well done!  You are doing much better than you think.


Consider the lady with chronic debilitating migraines.  She finds a way to go to work and come home again and look after her family.  In spite of the pain, she makes life work.  She’s a hero.


Think of a man working with constant back pain and doing a physical job on top of that.  The pain keeps him awake at night and his days are rushed.  He doesn’t want to let his company or his family down so he just pushes on.  That man is tough.


Most kids are challenging at some time or other but some kids are beyond difficult.  Behavior issues never seem to resolve and at times, hope for help is dim. Mom and dad get no rest and are always worried and the pressure strains their marriage.  But they don’t quit.  I’m impressed.


I’ve observed that many people tend to be demanding and critical of themselves.  You may think that there’s more that you could or should be doing.  You might feel like a failure because of mistakes you’ve made or things you’ve messed up on.  You might look at your circumstances and think that if you were better then life would be better.  I think that’s a bunch of baloney!  You’ve done the best you could with what you knew.  I would bet that by and large, you’re using your experience in life to make better choices now than you used to.  If you’re of the tendency to be critical of yourself, my wish for you is that you would stop.  Use that energy to be encouraging.  You’re really doing better than you think.  I know because I never go home at the end of a day without being genuinely impressed with how you handle the challenges of your life.  Thank you for letting me help a little.


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  1. JDL says
    Nov 26, 2012 at 10:38 AM

    A nice message to start the day.

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