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Immunity - What Does Your Brain Have to Do With It?

Do you get colds more often than you think you ought to?  Do you know someone who does?  Like everything else in your body, your brain has ultimate control over your immune system and there are powerful ways to harness your brain to strengthen your immune system.


Photo courtesy of Leonid Mamchenkov


There are two hemispheres of your brain, right and left.  The right side is typically thought to govern things like big picture thinking, emotion and creativity while the left looks after logic, language, and details.  The two hemispheres also play a role in your immune system with the right side acting like the regulator of immune function and the left side carrying out the actual immune system functions.  Practically speaking, a weak right hemisphere will often show up in the immune system as allergies since the immune system is not switched on or off reliably.  Poor immune function and frequent colds are often the result of a weak left hemisphere.


One of the easiest ways to assess hemispheric strength is to challenge the body with a simple task and watch the pupils.  If you have a weakness, the pupil on that same side will often dilate briefly.  To check, have the person you’re checking hold out their hands with fingers extended and palms down.  Then have them resist while you try to bend their fingers.  It’s not uncommon to see the left pupil dilate if that person happens to be on the verge of getting sick.


Now what to do about it?  Quite simply, you’ve got to strengthen that side of the brain.  Since the brain likes activation, do one sided hand tasks on the opposite side.  Things like squeezing hand grips, tossing a ball or wiggling your fingers will work great.  Since the spine provides 90% of brain activation, appropriate spinal adjustments are especially powerful.


I recall a particular young lady who was very prone to colds.  Any sort of stress, be it late nights, too much sugar, or emotional stress would send her to a sick bed for a number of days.  As we undertook this approach to strengthen the fatigued left side of her brain, she began to get stronger.  Today, she rarely gets sick and is much healthier and happier as she is very infrequently inconvenienced by sickness.


What’s your biggest challenge with your immune system?


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    Sep 25, 2012 at 11:28 AM

    Wow, I had no idea!

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