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It Rhythms with Subway Station

Have you ever eaten scrambled eggs with a piece of the shell left in?  Or taken a bite of hamburger and chomped on a bit of bone?  That experience is something like what can happen in your spine.  It’s an old chiropractic term called subluxation and, as you’ll notice, it kind of rhymes with subway station.


Photo courtesy of Cem K.


A subluxation, by definition, is a bone out of place or not moving properly that interferes with your nervous system in such a way as to cause ill health.  The vertebrae lose their normal motion, get stuck in an awkward spot, or simply don’t move as freely as they should.


There are two effects of this.  The first is obvious, simply a mechanical problem in the spine.  This is what leads to spinal pain…sometimes.  Sometimes it doesn’t though and it remains there for years slowly causing degenerative changes and arthritis.  By the time you find out, it’s long past too late to fix it quickly.  The other effect of subluxation is something rarely thought of and yet arguably more catastrophic and that is nervous system interference.  This is a sneaky problem because the connection is not often made between a spinal problem (subluxation) and whatever other issue it has caused.  In either case, you’re healthier without subluxations than with them.


Even though you may not hear this term much anymore, when a chiropractor gives you an adjustment, what he is correcting is a subluxation.


Is this a helpful term for you or would you prefer a different term to help explain this concept?


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