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It Worked Almost Like Magic!

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Josh’s mom was frustrated!  At 8 years old Josh was having a terrible time reading in spite of the daily efforts to help him improve.  She was a teacher after all, and still couldn’t help him.  He was reading well below grade level and showed no interest in reading.  Even though he was obviously an intelligent boy, he could not retain “sight” words and was unable to even sound out words correctly.  It was a very frustrating circumstance and no real hope was in view.


There was no hope, that is, until he was evaluated with the Interactive Metronome, a non-invasive, drug-free approach to correcting brain dysfunction.  You’ll have to go to the website to find out more but scores that should have been in the 30’s or 40’s were well over 400 in some tasks.  I think we found his problem!


Josh did just 5 hours of training over 6 weeks on the Interactive Metronome and his scores improved to the excellent range (18-40).  That’s great, but did it make any difference to his reading?  You bet!  He’s reading with improved confidence and actually initiates reading now.  He is getting his sight words memorized and is much more effective at sounding out the tough words.  Mom is happy and Josh is happy.  A bonus to the training was that his overall demeanor is better; he’s much more helpful and pleasant around home.


These are typical changes we observe in kids who have motor planning and sequencing deficits that can easily be helped with Interactive Metronome training.  It’s an easy, fast, non-invasive, and remarkably effective way to improve the life of a child and his family.


Do you know anyone who might benefit?


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