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It's the Small Choices That Kill Us


Photo courtesy of Ryan Grimm



Our health is typically not devastated by catastrophes but by the cumulative effect of the small choices we make.


We don’t get Alzheimer’s all at once but by a slow habit of inactivity.


We don’t have a heart attack because of one meal high in saturated fat.


We don’t get Diabetes by eating too much sugar one Christmastime.


Our backs don’t become bad through one weekend of sitting on the couch.


Our lungs don’t lose their elasticity with one month of shallow breathing.


Well over 80% of the diseases that kill us and our neighbors prematurely are not diseases at all.  They are the natural consequences of a life lived contrary to our design.


Thankfully, small changes in the choices we make also have the power to save us.


What small change do you want to make to improve your health?


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