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Killing Weeds

Last year my neighbour got a little over zealous with his Roundup. He ended up killing a small patch of lawn on my side of the fence. It has been interesting to observe what has happened to that area of deadness. For the longest time it was completely bare but in recent weeks new life has begun to sprout forth. That new life has been in the form of weeds however!

Photo courtesy of Loco Steve

Photo courtesy of Loco Steve

It occurred to me that the same thing happens with us. If we have a problem or some kind of symptom many of us may take a drug to kill the thing. Although everything seems to be fine for a while, eventually the problem will return, and usually it’s worse. The reason for this phenomenon is that the underlying issue has never been addressed and so we end up in worse shape than we were at the start.

If you think about it, you’ll soon realize that you’ll never get a healthy lush lawn by killing weeds. It’s a losing battle. If you want a nice lawn, you have to provide the lawn the things that it needs to be healthy. If you do that, the weeds will mostly take care of themselves. And so it is with us. If we live a lifestyle that embraces healthy habits we will have very few weeds. Even the illnesses we may be genetically predisposed to often won’t get triggered as we live healthy.

Although there’s a time for killing weeds, it’s much better to live healthy.

What do you think are the most important health habits?

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