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Dr. Lees Exercises For Life

Watch as Airdrie Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Lees explains some of his favourite, simple exercises to keep your body healthy and happy.

Deep Knee Bends

This simple exercise is helpful for the many of us that sit too much.

It will help to relax tight hamstrings and strengthen your quads and give more stability to your lower spine.

2 x 2

It’s vital for your neck and spinal health to maintain proper neck mobility.

Be sure to do these movements in order described and take your mobility to the very end range.


When you sit too much, your balance and coordination suffer.

This exercise helps and is also a great help in dealing with lower back pain.

Hand Grips

This exercise can help resolve the primary deficit involved in carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis and golfer’s elbow.

Adjustable handgrips work best so you can set them to your current ability. Having several sets and putting them where you commonly are in the most efficient way to ensure that you do them often enough.


This is helpful for neck and shoulder rehabilitation and for preventing frozen shoulder syndrome. It is also useful for improving lung function and chest expansion.

Be sure and keep proper head posture as you do these.

Wall Push Up

This is helpful for improving shoulder stability and toning your triceps.

Having good extensor strength provides a stable base for your flexor muscles to work.

Toe Raises

If you have trouble with shin splints, plantar fascists, or tight calf muscles, these are the exercises for you.

Do them often as a simple exercise to strengthen the muscles that give stability to your ankle.

Hip Extension

If you have burning or cramping pain in one or both hips, it may be due weakness of the stabilizing muscles of your hips secondary to too much sitting.

This simple exercise, done frequently will help.

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