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Lessons from the Lawn

I like to have a nice lawn.  In fact, I mow it in a specific pattern so that I get a nice checkerboard look when I’m done.  I also carry a bottle of weed killer when I mow so I can kill the little rascals.  My neighbours on either side have nice tall Swedish Aspens.  Those particular trees have a tendency to sucker in my yard.  I’m sure that if I didn’t cut the grass every few days, I’d soon have a forest of them all over the place.  In fact, if I didn’t tend to my yard at all, it would soon be overrun with weeds, trees, quack grass and the like.


It’s the same with our health.  If we don’t routinely do the things we need to do, our health will slip away.  It’s more about being disciplined than spending a lot of time.  I’m sure I don’t spend much more time on my lawn than most but it does get fertilized and watered.  With regard to your life (your health) what’s your most pressing problem?  What would it take to fix it?  If you don’t know the answer to that question, answer this one.  What would it take to figure out what it would take to fix it?  Keep asking yourself questions until you get to the point where you’re able to take action.  I think you’ll find huge healing in that exercise.

What habits do you think you need to adopt?

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