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Let's Go for a Ride

Photo courtesy of Michael Lees

Last fall I did what some may call a foolish thing and bought a motorcycle. It came about because my son wanted to ride and I thought taking the safety course with him would allay some of my fears about him riding. Alas one thing led to another and I found myself straddling my own bike. Boy is it fun!

It’s also very cool because we got some motorcycle intercoms so that we can talk while we ride. If you have teenage boys you might have discovered that they talk to you better side by side rather than knee to knee. That is, to get them to talk, you have to be doing something together. We’ve had some good talks.

My point in relating this is to encourage you to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Time is deceptive; it’s running out and you are in danger of missing the opportunity. What really are you waiting for? There will never be a good time. Life is full of enough drudgery and obligation. Let some sun shine in!

If you could do anything you wanted to, what would that be?


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