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"Mom, Do You Need Any Help?"


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I read a book a couple years ago called “Disconnected Kids”.  I was repeatedly struck by the case histories interwoven throughout the book.  They told the stories of real kids affected by various types of developmental delays and their incredible response to care.  The book itself outlined a theory for these delays as well as a proposed care philosophy.  Increasingly, leading researchers and clinicians are investigating and applying this approach with very encouraging results.


Along those lines, we had a young man brought to us by his concerned grandma.  At about 4 years of age, Jayden began to exhibit odd eye twitches and other nervous tics about his head and neck.  At 8 years old he now has focusing problems, can’t follow routines and gets easily frustrated to the point of emotional outbursts.  These were the main concerns of his mom and grandma.


My evaluation included an Interactive Metronome assessment, a neurological and posture exam, and a balance assessment.  Jayden had significant deficits in each of these areas and we addressed each of them appropriately, including using the Interactive Metronome.


His initial IM scores were in the severe deficiency range and after 7.5 hours of IM training they improved to the best you can get, superior!


Here’s what his mom had to say.  “Jayden has made great strides!  He is more responsible, more attentive, he cares about things around him and he has even come out of his shell and is meeting a lot more friends.  He is way more focused and instead of asking him 14 times to do something it’s now 1-5 times.  He even asks, “Mom do you need help with anything?”.  I sincerely thank you again and again!!”.


If that doesn’t warm your heart, you should check to see if it’s beating!


Do you know any kids who could use that kind of help?


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