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My Week Off


My vacation time didn’t turn out as I expected.  I was hoping to fish a lot during my week off but there was this small flood that washed away my plans.  I did fish a little bit, taking my son to the Crowsnest River in the southern part of the province.  The river was still off color but not so bad that we couldn’t catch a few trout.


Earlier in the week I got some yard work done which is always satisfying, both to the one who did it and to the one who wanted it done!


I also finished three books and started another one.  I enjoyed Phil Robertson’s book, “Happy, Happy, Happy”.  He’s the patriarch on Duck Dynasty and has lived quite a life.  Thanks for the loan of the book Judy.  I finished a really cool book called, “The Woman Who Changed her Brain”.  It is about a woman with severe learning disabilities who overcame them with brain exercises and then started a school to help others.  Thanks for that one ES.  And finally I read “The Jesus we Missed” which is about the humanity of Jesus.  Each of them was worth the read.


I also started another book by Dr. Henry Cloud called “Necessary Endings”.  So far, it seems like a dandy.


Those were the highlights of my week.  There were also a few sleep-ins and a couple bowls of ice-cream.  All in all, it was a good week but I’m glad to be back.


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